Dad Discovers

“I honestly don’t know where to start with this post so if it’s a little choppy please understand.

You never wake up one morning and think certain things will happen to those you love but the reality of life is that they can and sometimes do.

Things hit direct in my family last Monday morning when I woke up and saw my young daughters phone had 83 text message notifications on it. As I unlocked her phone my gut dropped when I read the words and seen the images. Someone had gotten into a group chat with her friends and filled their conversation with suggestions, solicitations, comments, threats, and pornographic images.

As I sit today thinking back over the past week, I’m filled with so many emotions. Her phone is currently with state law enforcement as they investigate the situation. Daily communication with my wife, the other parents and the state troopers has taken a toll on me.

I stopped at one point last week when my daughter asked my wife and I why we are doing what we are doing, she said she is afraid this person will come and hurt those she loves because we told on him. In the most calm and confident voice I have I said “Evil triumphs when good men and women fail to stop it. Evil triumphs when those that see something, don’t say something.”

So from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank V4CR and all of the volunteers for everything that you do. You may not hear it enough but every ounce of effort has a positive ripple effect that will be felt for generations.”