Documentary Film Production Begins

Over the past several months, our development and production team have been in collaboration with our network of investigators in preparation for our upcoming anti-human trafficking film being produced in support of our mission to end child exploitation and abuse. We invite you to follow along as we work to shine light on the underground efforts of perverts and predators that prey on the weak and innocent.

Our efforts to support law enforcement and share the challenges that they face everyday takes us to Pinal County, AZ where human trafficking through the Interstate-8 corridor persists. Sheriff Mark Lamb and his newly formed interdiction task force deal with some the world’s most ruthless smugglers and traffickers of narcotics and illicit cargo including the trafficking of children into America.

Thank you for your support of the Vets For Child Rescue mission and our upcoming feature-length film that will shine the light on human trafficking in our communities.

Please help sustain this important fight with a donation today.

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When will your documentary be released? I want to be educated and learn how I can help.

Hello James,

We’re currently in production and expect an early 2018 release. Thank you for your inquiry.

Outside of my support of monetary giving,If and or when you would need help of any kind here in Ohio I am willing to go all out to help you & the team.Many Prayers are sent up each & every day for your safety and that others will head the call for the children and do the same.I have plenty of time on my hands that the Lord has afforded me.I could not ever think of a better organization that I would love to be a part of know matter how small the job may be or not.So God Bless all of you doing the work that so desperately need to be done.My email is open to you at anytime.Prayers for safety continues🙏God Bless~Arlo Elliott

Hello Arlo,

Thank you for your feedback and support! We appreciate your willingness to aid us in our mission.

God bless and keep you safe, go get those bastards..

Hello Mat,

Thank you for your support!

Glad to find out about this. It’s time we shined the light on these monsters and brought them to their knees. I will help in any and every way that I can. God Bless the folks involved in this effort and I wish all of you great results for bringing this into the public spotlight where it belongs!

Im so glad I found out about you and your teams mission and your documentary film released in early 2018…I am offering my help and support to your team in any way I can…these soulless bastards need to be exposed and taken down by law enforcement….please tell me how i can best help you!!!

Pray for you, the operators, investigators and more importantly the children daily. Can you give us a list of specific things for which to pray. I want to petition our Father for specific things. Additionally, I would like to coordinate a list or place that people can pray around the clock for you all. Prayer changes everything.

Thank you and God Speed!

I pledge to help in any way I can….God Bless You.

In the name of Jesus our Savior…. let’s go get these sick baastards!!!👍🇺🇸

same here — If you need to reach out for small tasks that need to be done — copy editing — subtitles? I can find some translators to do subtitles — if people learn about what is going on the more we can end this horror

Thank you, brother. Keep up the good fight. My prayers and full support are with you and your team. I pray our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ sends his holy angels to surround you in your mission.

This is the best cause I have ever heard of. Go with God.

Just want to thank you for your commitment to saving the children…Hearing about your organization is like seeing bright sunshine thru dark clouds. Like others, I too am willing to help in any way I can. Thank God there are people like you and your organization out there!!

Would Вecoming Α Freеlance Paralegal Be A Gooⅾ Optіon Fߋrr

Hello! We are currently working on our frequently asked questions page that should be up soon. Please check back to see all the ways you can get involved with us!

Just want to express my appreciation for all that your group is doing to save our children. I’ve never been more happy to sign up for a monthly donation and I’m talking to everyone I know to take part in this mission as well…Just like so many others, I’m also willing to help in any way possible as your group could need. I have watched the corruption in our government over the years and many times it feels so hopeless…Now with you there is a bright ray of Hope! God bless and help you to get these monsters!!

Great job guys, keep at it, I donated 20 bucks a few months ago. Great to see you’re moving forward with production. These bastards need to be exposed and brought to justice!

Is there apparel available to purchase?

Hello! We are currently working on coming out with some Vets 4 Child Rescue shirts and patches. Please check back shortly for more info!

I first became aware of Vets4CR after seeing Craig being interviewed earlier this year on YT’s SGT Report and am now a patreon. I think this website may have been created since then and it is great to have it. I am a Christian and this subject is close to my heart. It’s activity is obviously very broad and very deep so I hope and pray you people achieve all you set out to do for the sake of all the helpless, innocent, victims, past present and future. I would like to help within the limited ways I can (over 70 and carer for my Parkison’s-suffering wife) and promote you where I can, as on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog tonight with Mark Taylor who also covers this subject.
Great news on that impressive billboard site but one thing does bother me. I just wonder if the term “Child Trafficking” is hard-hitting and effective enough to cover the reported severity of these crimes and to grab attention. Perhaps it is me but it might not fully register with many people just what horrors child trafficking is used for and could perhaps be more descriptive, i,e, it hints at forced child labour/slavery when it is much more.
Anyway, thanks for all you people are doing and God Bless.
Malcolm Foster/Enlightened Patriot

That is a very helpful suggestion Malcolm, thank you for your interest in the cause! If you would like to see more ways you can help, you can visit our FAQ page, we appreciate any and all support you can give! Thank you.

Praying for all you brave men. With the Lord nothing is impossible! The Lord will give you all you need to expose this hideous sin down to the root! I believe like you do–the American people turn their heads on many horrible things but this punches you in the gut! Exposure is the key and I am so thankful that the Lord has raised up an army to root out this evil. Abundant Blessings to you and all you love. Liz <

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