Documentary Update: Working with O.U.R. and Tim Ballard

As the documentary unfolds, Vets 4 Child Rescue is gaining more and more allies in the fight against child sex trafficking. Earlier this month, Craig and a portion of the production crew traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with Tim Ballard, the founder and CEO of an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Tim Ballard created Operation Underground Railroad with the mission to rescue and rehabilitate victims of child sex trafficking in 2013, and since has gone on rescue missions in 15 different countries and extracted countless victims.

Due to the trans-continental nature of what Operation Underground Railroad does, they also have a pretty extensive list of international partners. To coordinate extractions of the victims OUR partners with; AIM, Agape International Missions, ARZ, ATCC, Anti-human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center, Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide, C.E.A.S.E. Network, Central Investigation Division, Uganda Police Force, Demand Abolition, DSI Thailand, Federal Department of Special Investigations , Federal Anti-trafficking Police Team D7, IRM, and Indian Rescue Mission. Additionally to help facilitate aftercare to the victims to help them recover OUR partners with; Camino a Casa (Mexico, “The Way Home”), Courtney’s House, C.R.A.S.H. (Childrens’ Restoration and Safe House), Days for Girls Nepal, Days for Girls Uganda, Destiny Rescue, KCM Kyampisi Children’s Ministry, Maiti Nepal, Phoenix Dream Center, Protect and Save the Children, Renacer, Rahab Uganda, Safe Home, and Yayasan Siti Sapura Husin.

The production team rolled into town on the 3rd of November 2017 and set up to talk to the team of OUR and get some more in depth information on both Operation Underground Railroad and child sex trafficking in the United States. We had some fantastic conversations with Tim Ballard himself, Matt, his right hand man, and Jessica, head of aftercare, and during the interviews Tim Ballard gave us an inside look at the day to day of the organization and some of the things that everyone can do to help support the cause to be included in the documentary. The team at Operation Underground Railroad agreed that child sex trafficking was an epidemic, which is not only a problem in other countries, but right here in the United States.

The next day, the crew was invited by Tim and his team to a fundraising gala they were holding to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad. Around 800 people showed up to the event to show their support including some bigger names and important people. Overall, Operation Underground Railroad was a wonderful organization to work with; they were very organized, professionally squared away, and very effective in what they do. Craig plans on going back in the future to run some extraction ops with Operation Underground Railroad’s JUMP Team and volunteer his time with the organization, extracting child victims with fellow Navy SEALs currently serving with O.U.R.. Perhaps in the future Vets 4 Child Rescue and Operation Underground Railroad will partner together on more projects, but for now, we are very thankful that they agreed to be a part of the documentary and help us spread the word.

Moving forward, we have a multitude of other filming opportunities at undisclosed locations, which will be taking place through the rest of the year. Additionally, there are several other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that we plan on partnering with for the remainder of the documentary creation and perhaps beyond. The support that we still need is going to be in the form of donations, so we can continue to fund the filming of the documentary. If you were waiting until we received 501(c)(3) status you are in luck! Last month, the last of the paperwork went through and Vets 4 Child Rescue was finalized as an accepted and acknowledged non-profit organization. More information about that can be found here.

There are many different ways you can donate; if you would like you can donate either one time or set up a recurring monthly donation. Click here for our donate page. Another option that Vets 4 Child Rescue has just released is to become a Sustaining Member of the organization by signing up to donate a recurring amount of $50 a month. When you do this you will receive one of our new V4CR patches that go on any kind of gear and one of our new t-shirts of your choice. Please consider donating or becoming a Sustaining Member to support the production of the film.

Additionally, if you have not already, please sign up to receive our monthly newsletter that is being brought back this month. With the newsletter you will receive updates regarding the documentary and a first look at all of our new blog posts that we put up and have V4CR news delivered right to your email.

Another important update that we are excited to announce is that for those who want to join us on the ground in this fight, COMING SOON you will be able to apply to become a Chapter President of your town.  This will be a hand-selected, limited group of networked veterans and patriots that take the fight to those that want to harm our children.  Please only consider applying if you’re truly ready to jump in and actively help Craig Sawyer and V4CR build awareness online and in your community through networking, event coordination, and fundraising. Soon you will be able to hit the ground running and fight the good fight alongside us.

Thank you so much for your continued support and we hope you are as excited about this documentary and raising awareness of this epidemic as we are. Once again, please consider donating to the cause by clicking here and stay tuned for exciting updates as we finish the process of filming and move into editing next year. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected] or check out our frequently asked questions page.

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Looks like a great mix. Congratulations guys, we appreciate all you do!

Thank you so much for your support!

God Bless every single one of you! Thank you form a very humble fellow American.

Bless you all for what you do!

I am a veteran and passionate about helping end this nightmare. I would like to be part of forming a chapter in my area. Let me know when you’re at that step for applications, background checks, etc. I’m willing to help any way I can. God richly bless you!!

Ty for rescuing our kids and creating awareness, starting with the kids first. I’m willing to provide assistance with your chosen local chapter leader in my area, Long Island,NY

… Provide assistance to the chosen local chapter leader in my area. I’m probably best used as a physical unit: heavy lifting, transportation, etc. Not a good public speaker, etc… Just signed on as a $100 monthly donor today. Glad to help any way I can.

Im willing to help in research, providing a safe home, a caring heart, and understanding, and a good listener. I was on the streets myself for a couple of years. I know how scary it can be. Any way i can give peace to these children, i am willing to do. Get these monsters put away or whatever works best. They all deserve to die for hurting our children. My father abused me, as did my uncle. My father committed suicide in 2004. My uncle heart attack. Enough about me. Lets get the monsters. Ty for listening. Brenda

Thank you for stepping up to the plate. I prayed many times and asked GOD to bring the veterans in to help. Praise HIM! He answered. Are you aware that there are some “Court” ‘officials’ involved and deeply rooted problems involving HHS/DCFS/SRS throughout the country? Some of these kids have been (and still are) trapped for years under “Civil Authority “. You are probably aware, but thought i would mention it. May YaH (God) go before you and give you His advantage against all enemies. May He protect you and give you His insight and wisdom.

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