Happy New Year, Everyone!

Welcome to 2018 and thank you all so much for your overwhelming support over the past year and coming into the new year. As January begins we have a few final operations underway and are very excited to get those finished up so we can begin post production. The documentary is coming together better than we could have imagined and we cannot thank you all enough for your interest and support. We aspire to make change in 2018 and all of you have continued to help us do that. If you would like to join the V4CR family and become a recurring monthly sponsor you can click here; or if you would like to do a one time donation you can click here. When you become a sustaining member you will receive a t-shirt of your choice, a V4CR tactical patch, and a letter from Craig!

Speaking of which, t-shirt sales have been more successful than anticipated and we are working day and night to get all of the orders out to all of our wonderful supporters! We are also currently in the process of creating new shirt designs and a new tactical patch to put up on the website for purchase so you can look forward to that in the new year as well. That being said, we do still have some of our original designs left so if you would like to purchase one of those you can find them right here, all proceeds will go to funding the documentary production.

Some more exciting news comes in the form of a teaser trailer for the new film and a new Facebook page for CONTRALAND The teaser trailer for Contraland has been released and is available for sharing on all social media platforms. You’re welcome to share the page which will help with getting the word out when it goes live in 2018.


NEW: Official collectable movie posters for CONTRALAND are nearly complete! There were many designs that were reviewed but after much editing, writing, and rewriting, we finally chose our top 3 designs that embody the emotional struggle in the fight to save our children. We’re only releasing 100 limited three-poster sets numbered and signed by Craig “Sawman” Sawyer for supporters. All funds go to help finish the filming of CONTRALAND and are being offered at $100 for the set of three. Get yours here. We’ll also cover shipping and handling when you like the film page on Facebook and use the coupon code found on the page.

Once again thank you so much for all of your support and all of us here at V4CR wish you a wonderful 2018. Happy New Year!

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For those who are part of the Pedophile Ring, Give them Hell.

You all are so amazing! Thank you, from my soul for leading the charge on this global epidemic! To the future and survival of our entire species is utterly dependent on the work of heroes like yourselves…

May God bless you all and this effort…2018 will be the year!!

Your efforts bring hope to those that still have a future to attend to – they may not even know you exist yet – although, you have been able to give young people a real chance at happiness and life, if we can help these survivors to see that there is still good in life so that they are not forever damaged by the deeds of others.

Great work, Gentleman! You guy’s are hero’s to these poor children! Semper Fi!

Thank GOD his children have you people. In my time (60’s) I never heard such a thing!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

God bless you Craig Sawman Sawyer

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