Reconnaissance Operation on the Border

Reconnaissance Operation on the Border

Last week Craig “The Sawman” Sawyer and VIPR TEAM 8 ventured down to the border to meet up with another NGO to do some recon and intel collection. There they observed scouts and some of the trafficking routes that are used to get goods and humans across the border undetected. The team made contact with Border Patrol and got a more in depth look at the Unaccompanied Minor Sex Trafficking (UMST) issue so prevalent in the area. The operation was useful in gaining insight both for the documentary and future operations in the area.

OPERATION BLUE M&M claims another predator.

Though our team packed up and left shortly after running the operation on February 21st, the sting continued on claiming 6 more victims. The most recent arrest made from OPERATION BLUE M&M was 26 year old Alex Ryan; like the other predators, Ryan had been messaging with our decoy for many weeks and when he decided he wanted to meet up, he was met with the police instead. Ryan was arrested with one count of Enticing a Minor over the Internet and one count of Rape of a Child.

When Vets 4 Child Rescue goes on these stings, it never stops when the operation is over. Not only do the arrests continue happening long after the initial operation comes to a close but the police force and other law enforcement in the area are trained on how to run these types of operations and armed with the knowledge on how to run their own in the future. It is the support of our V4CR supporters that allows us to go on these operations and leave the footprint of justice for long after we leave, continuing to make these communities safer places to be.

If you would like V4CR to come and run a sting in your community, please have your local law enforcement reach out to us and we will gladly come in and partner with them.

Vets 4 Child Rescue Billboard

Recently a very generous local business donated billboard space to Vets 4 Child Rescue for 1 year; this billboard towers over the I-45 Highway in Conroe, TX acting as a looming warning to predators that V4CR is always watching.

A huge thank you to the business that donated the billboard for us!


Contraland Film

Look for the upcoming feature NetFlix film Contraland and follow us on Facebook for updates on the progress of the documentary.


When you buy merchandise from V4CR you’re supporting the fight for our children. All funds go towards operations, training and the filming of the CONTRALAND film.

Veterans For Child Rescue Contraland Movie Posters
Veterans For Child Rescue 2018 TShirts
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You guys are amazing. At last someone cares and has the courage to face this scourge head on. Thanks,people are watching you worldwide, with respect.

You guys are awesome, you give us fresh air, and make us proud.

TY Craig and the team. Man, u guys are indeed the true leaders and protectors prophesied about! The kings of the earth are running back into their caves and calling for the mountains to fall on top of them!!! I’m sure The Commander of The Lord’s army sent you, whether u know it out not.

I see you all and it brings me to tears of gratitude for your courage, strength and determination putting yourselves in harms way to bring the innocent back from these psychopaths… God speed. Cheering and praying for you all, your families and the children….

Ordered my complete set of posters-Love’em;also 2t-shirts and Velcro V4CR patches all shipped amazingly fast-nxt day and everything is hi quality. Proudly wearing and ordering more. True to size as well+no shrinkage. Can’t wait for first in”ContraLand”series!!! Getting the good word out-that child trafficking, rape and murder IS REAL!!! Not just in other places, but right here in America. TY Craig and Team #Great Awakening

Craig is an amazing example of a true American. He’s dedicated his life to the protection of others and continues to do so using V4CR. He has the quality of character that this nation was founded on and he takes great pride in the quality of his work. Craig is a stellar advocate for children and his skill set makes him an exceptional operator and effective leader.

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