VIPR – U.S. Treasury, IRS Criminal Investigator Kevin Millen Arrested On Sex Assault Charges

Veterans For Child Rescue National Operations Ramping Up

The world is becoming increasingly connected with smartphones in our pockets and billion dollar social media platforms at our fingertips. This convenience comes with a price often in the form of lost privacy and increased danger to our children from sexual predators that are now just a text message away.  V4CR Investigators receive thousands of inquiries for sex with minor children through dozens of websites and phone based apps.  In response to this growing epidemic the covert Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings (VIPR) teams, consisting of Veteran Tier One operators, former law enforcement officials and licensed investigators are ramping up sting operations nationally in cooperation with law enforcement.

V4CR recently ran a sting with the Guilford, CT Police Department that resulted in the arrest of five men that were seeking sex with child.  Ironically enough, one of those men, is a Special Agent with the U.S. Treasury Department, Criminal Investigations unit of the IRS.  Kevin Millen, 44-years-old courted and showed up to the sting house with intentions of spending some “special time” with our decoy.  Millen brought condoms and Viagra, and because it was our decoy’s birthday, he brought a chocolate cake to celebrate the occasion.  Instead of a special time, Millen was met with Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL DEVGRU Operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, members of the covert VIPR team, CONTRALAND film crew and the Guilford Police.  Millen comes from a federal law enforcement family, his father and grandfather were reportedly employees of the FBI.  Millen also has two children of his own around the same age as the decoy he met for sex.

Millen has pled “not guilty” to charges of criminal attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree and criminal attempt to commit risk of injury to a minor. It was quite surprising all around but remains a sobering example why these type of interventions are urgently needed; child predators really are everywhere around us. Let this serve as notice. If you stalk our children, we will hunt you down and we will put you away.

Mid-January Sawman had a serendipitous reunion at Shot Show in Las Vegas with his old commander at DEVGRU, Ryan Zinke. Zinke currently sits on Trump’s Cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Interior and has significant interest in the effort to end child trafficking in America. Coincidentally, while at Shot Show, Sawman also ended up meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and spent some time discussing the Veterans For Child Rescue mission and our values. It was quite the productive conversation and Sawman hopes to also meet with Ivanka Trump to discuss a potential collaboration with V4CR and her own anti-human trafficking efforts.  Last year Ivanka met with various non-profits that dealt with human, child, and sex trafficking and worked in collaboration with several of our NGO partners to create a game plan for going after trafficking in the United States.

Filming Update: CONTRALAND

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Thank you for doing what you do!! Praying for you all!

I posted this story and Kevin Millen’s image on today, it got picked up heavily and has been trending all day! Great work V4CR team!

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