V4CR Documentary Production Update

We’ve received an overwhelming number of inquiries about the documentary production over the last few months and an incredible outpouring of offers for support. Although we can’t share specific details about operations we’re conducting with our NGO and law enforcement partners, we will share a general update with everyone.

This problem is much larger than we can handle alone and we will need your ongoing help to be effective. In addition to donations we’ve received many offers to donate time, equipment, knowledge and expertise from all around the country and even from outside the U.S. where similar problems exist.

We will continue to grow a strong network of warriors willing to stand up and fight for those that can’t protect themselves and we will find more ways to harness all offers of assistance, however right now our management bandwidth is tapped as Craig and our leadership are completely focussed on the development of the documentary film.

We’re on the road.

Our production crew is on the road with Craig this month and will be until the end of the year conducting interviews, filming extractions and on location.

Our investigations have taken us to some of the most impacted areas areas in the U.S. where children and teenagers are being exploited, abused and enslaved for the pleasure of perverted individuals that have no regard for the young lives that they are destroying.

Lead by Craig Sawyer, our documentary sets out to shine light on the exploitation, abuse and trafficking of children in neighborhoods all around America.

Through your support of Veterans For Child Rescue we’ve been able to build a coalition of NGOs to help raise awareness, create a non-permissive environment for abuse of our children and rescue children from dangerous situations.  Our efforts are in cooperation with law enforcement agencies who often face hurdles in dealing with the type of situations we’re investigating.

Our team is agile and effective and was formed to cut through much of the bureaucracy law enforcement agencies run up against when trying to save children. Our veteran-run partner organizations have effectively operated in this space for years but need more support to save more children in harm’s way. This documentary will introduce you to some of these partners who need our support and yours to keep them in this fight.

We can’t share the names of the organizations that we’re working with yet but you will meet them when the documentary is released in 2018. We can tell you that our coalition is comprised of veterans and civilians that want to make a real difference in the lives of others and include high level intelligence and government officials that assist with investigations, intelligence and coordination of our efforts.

Please help sustain this important fight with a donation today.

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Blog Comments

Thank you very Much for All of your efforts to uncover this deep world wide ring. I happen to be a survivor of child sex slavery. Many people never make it out alive. This was in the US, 30yrs ago in NYC. I know that evil exists; at that time I didn’t know that about A God that wanted to Love all of those deep wounds away !
I saw your interview with Dr. Dave Janda on Utube and learned about your organization. I know that Almighty God will use your efforts in exposing this to the whole world ! I wanted to let you know that it was only a few nights ago, I was praying and asking The Lord Jesus; where are all the very young children in massive numbers being taken too ??? This was from pore villages in India.
I didn’t have the answers. They never surface again or people would become aware. I remember a long time ago the same was happening to the Mother’s poor in Asia. In Europe there’s street’s that hang different colors on window’s for little kids boy or girl to pay for sex with them (legal).
The amazing thing was; majority of thier business came from Rich men in America. Then America became the largest distributor of porn worldwide.
Then the snuff videos which I saw a poloroid picture of a young girl tied upside down in a bathtub by the shower head and mouth wrapped around. I know that this was happening !!! I snuck out of that high-rise bldg in NYC away. Luckily, never dropped in the river. I didn’t know what I do now. The child sacrifice’s that Ted Gunnerson tried to bring to light. Boys Town etc in the 60’s.
I do know that this is World Wide with a large level of UN members that came out of The League of Nation’s, CFR and Club of Rome etc. There’s a reason that BO gave the power to them before leaving office. They don’t have Peace in mind. World Government and looking for a Leader.
Nothing happens without thier knowledge. Bad Gov. has always been involved. If the Leader’s aren’t involved, then they are taking $ not to look.
I remember what took place in NYC before 83 and after. Police department etc. Judge’s it didn’t matter. There is NO end to the wikedness. Thirty Seven years ago abortion clinic’s were located in the black guettos only on purpose. Not even in every City. Now, they are not only selling the baby part’s but having the full term then take the Baby to preserve organs for thier replacements. Not to mention mixing with all biotech can think of.
This is another evil, I know. Taking down Nation’s by $ or corruption. Please at least look from this angle too ??? This is all Bad and who owns it all ?
Yes, individuals ! If those that be didn’t allow it ? Wouldn’t be happening ! I saw too much ! Nothing is off limits including the countries and people that will further thier Agenda.
Those children are knowingly being taken away from many locations in massive numbers; where to ??? All places at the same time. That can’t happen without the knowledge of the people who allow it.
Thank you for your time,

Shannon Elam. I am in the UK and a Patreon of Vets4CR, donating what I can to this great cause. I am a Christian and it sickens me to learn about these atrocities going on with babies and young children. Just to to Thank You for your’e insight as seen as a victim of such horrors. I hope your life is now on an even keel and wish you all the best. God Bless.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we really appreciate it.

I remember reading about an earthquake in India. Many children were left in the care of traffickers dressed as Hindu priests and other “helpful” clothes. Uniforms mean nothing anymore…appearances mean nothing. I remember when a person was judged by their clothes or manners. My Naval officer father did that…externals were almost everything. NO MORE. We all need to drop judging people by their outside front…that is one reason bad people get away with so much. Parents often want to turn the care of their children over to some caregiver or clergy without digging into people’s character under the skin and externals. Rescue is heroic and wonderful…but prevention is part of this as well.

Wow, I have not heard of such stories before. That is horrendous, especially being saved from one serious situation to being placed in an even worse one. I had read recently that there are hundreds of children just disappearing off the streets in several areas of the USA and I hate to think of their eventual fate. I hope and pray Craig and his team will be successful in their aims to stop most, if not all, of this.

Giving monetary support is a yes with this mission and I want to help more. I would like to advocate this mission to help educate our community on children, young adults trafficked. Our local law enforcement, families, businesses and schools need awareness of this epidemic of human trafficking.

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