On February 21st 2018, OPERATION BLUE M&M in Paragonah, Utah successfully tacked up seven arrests of child predators who demonstrated intent to rape, kidnap and/or sexually exploit the 13 year old decoys for. Less than 48 hours ago VIPR TEAM 12 received news that the arrests in Utah made a week ago affected an 8th arrest in the same area, proving that justice prevails, even from a distance. 

In an effort to maintain the element of surprise as Contraland gains more popularity and traction in the media, further operations for the VIPR TEAMs have been classified as TOP SECRET and will not be revealed until after the fact. However, under new code names and in new locations, the VIPR TEAMs continue to run operations in multiple locations nationally.



In further Contraland news, our team is currently interviewing subject matter experts for the documentary, including but not limited to human sexuality experts, trafficking law experts, and experts on sexualization of children in the media. We are confident that these voices will provide insightful glimpses into the cause of the trafficking epidemic ravaging our country.

As the documentary gains more traction, it is getting more and more attention from major media sources including KGUN 9 News and The Hagmann Report.

Contraland on KGUN 9:

The Hagmann Report:

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