Documentary Film Production Begins

Over the past several months, our development and production team have been in collaboration with our network of investigators in preparation for our upcoming anti-human trafficking film being produced in support of our mission to end child exploitation and abuse. We invite you to follow along as we work to shine light on the underground efforts of perverts and predators that prey on the weak and innocent.

Vets4Childrescue V4CR Documentary

Our efforts to support law enforcement and share the challenges that they face everyday takes us to Pinal County, AZ where human trafficking through the Interstate-8 corridor persists. Sheriff Mark Lamb and his newly formed interdiction task force deal with some the world’s most ruthless smugglers and traffickers of narcotics and illicit cargo including the trafficking of children into America.

V4CR - Vets For Child Rescue - Craig Sawyer - Vets4Childrescue

Thank you for your support of the Vets For Child Rescue mission and our upcoming feature-length film that will shine the light on human trafficking in our communities.

V4CR - Vets For Child Rescue - Craig Sawyer - Vets4Childrescue