V4CR Successful Trafficking Recovery

Over the last year Veterans For Child Rescue has made incredible strides in establishing new service partnerships and increasing our operational capability.  We’ve quickly built an agile and effective organization that’s lead by our SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) Founder Craig Sawyer. Much of the work we do deals with fighting back access to our children by child sex predators through coordinated undercover sting operations, cyber investigations and most recently the addition of educational and prevention services.

On Easter Sunday we were called upon to serve in a new capacity. God delivered our first trafficking victim survivor. She was reunited with her family and post traumatic care is underway.

Successful V4CR trafficking victim recovered and reunited with mother after being missing for a year.

In 2017 during the filming of our upcoming documentary film, our VIPR team members were involved with an operation to locate and affect the extraction of a vulnerable teenager that was being trafficked for sex; being physically abused and trapped in an unthinkable situation that she could not escape. Her mother was beside herself but did not stop searching for her daughter. It’s a known fact that after several months missing in cases like this that the chances of locating and extracting a someone greatly diminishes.

Nevertheless V4CR mobilized and conducted a series of extensive investigations. We followed a number of leads from confidential informants, and conducted surveillance operations in a coordinated attempt to locate the girl. Ultimately we were unable to locate her during the operation; but we never gave up on her.  We stayed in contact with her mother and a number of contacts known to be close to her, and finally in December of 2017 we received a verified confirmation that she was still alive and had been been relocated by her trafficker.

On April 1st, 2018 a break in the case occurred when the girl escaped her captors. A member of our team in the area was immediately dispatched to help support her escape.

On Easter Sunday we were called upon to serve in a new capacity. God delivered our first trafficking victim survivor. She was reunited with her family and post traumatic care is underway.



We’re pleased to share that sex crime advocates, law enforcement and NGOs have prevailed and scored a major victory in the fight to end the exploitation of children with the passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA).  President Donald Trump yesterday signed the bill co-authored by Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman that establishes fines and prison terms for operators of websites that knowingly engage in online sex trafficking. This bill was aimed at services that sites such as Backpage, Reddit, Craigslist and hundreds of smaller sites offered users that often contributed to sex crimes. Veterans For Child Rescue and the elite VIPR Teams have operated sting operations in coordination with law enforcement agencies around the country using these sites and apps. Among the most prolific sites for catching online child predators for law enforcement and NGOs was Backpage.

Addressing the victims present at the ceremony, Trump said, “I’m signing this bill in your honor ... You have endured what no person on earth should have to endure and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that traffickers are brought to a swift and firm justice.”

The New York Post (4/11, Fonrouge) reports that Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (or FOSTA) “paves the way for law enforcement to crack down on websites that facilitate sex trafficking, such as Backpage, Craigslist and other platforms where victims of human trafficking are bought and sold.” The Post adds that “previously, websites were protected by the Communications Decency Act, which shielded them from being held responsible for the content other users may post to their domain.”



For our friends and supporters in the Southern Arizona area we would like to invite you to join us at an event that one of our partner non profit organizations, Sold No More who is hosting a free community event on Friday April 27th, 2018.  Founder of V4CR, Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL DEVGRU Operator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer is the Featured Speaker for this limited space event. There will be a silent auction with proceeds going to Sold No More and food will be provided.  We just ask that you RSVP here so that we know to expect you!

Community Event Info:

  • Date: Friday, April 27th, 2018
  • Time: 6:00-8:30 (doors for silent auction open at 6:00)
  • Location: Pantano Christian Church, 1755 S Houghton Rd 85748
  • Keynote Speaker: Craig Sawyer
  • Testimony by: Grace Tang
  • Event includes: Dinner, and silent auction
  • Cost: Donations accepted at the door

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