Thank you for making a tax deductible donation to Veterans For Child Rescue Inc. (V4CR). With your support we Turn HOPE into ACTION.

Our duty does not end at completion of military service and as responsible citizens our duty is to our country, our communities and our kids Together we make a difference. Your support allows us to:

  • Raise awareness with an Original Documentary and partnerships to “End Child Sex Trafficking.” 

  • Train law enforcement around the country to run more effective sting operations. You can view some of them on our Facebook page.

  • Conduct outreach and awareness training to schools, communities and civic organizations across the United States to make our children hard targets for child predators.

  • Enable overseas activities that lead to the arrest of sexual predators trafficking children in and out of the United States

We need you with us in this fight. Thank you again for your support!

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer
Founder, Veterans For Child Rescue