Confidential Intel Report

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911. To Report Child Trafficking Click Here. For all other Intel reports continue to complete the form below.

We receive hundreds of tips and Intel reports every week and evaluate each submission based on a series of phased assessments. We are not a law enforcement agency, if you have knowledge of a crime or if you are in danger, contact the police immediately.
Our evaluation protocols have been established to ensure the integrity and authenticity of information. V4CR works with law enforcement and government officials around the world and when necessary we conduct independent evaluations of Intelligence using licensed professionals, open source methods and other means.
Phase I: Initial Evaluation of Intel Report
Open source level I summary review of information. Confidence Assessment and Escalation. No notification of determination or commitment of resources at this Phase.
Phase II: Preliminary Evidence and Integrity Assessment
Evaluation for compliance and obstruction, verification of information and confirmation of evidence. Level II summary review and assignment at this phase. External contact optional.
Phase III: Escalation. Classified.