Law Enforcement Contact Form


This form is to be utilized by Law enforcement agencies or a District Attorney wanting to contact Craig Sawyer about coordinating a sting operation or special pedophile interdiction training. See more information below the form.


We Can Help

Is your department equipped and trained to
identify and interdict child sexual predators in the newest social apps? We can help.

Send a Message

Child predators are just a click away. Send a message in your community by learning to run specialized investigations through mobile devices.

You Can Help

Peer to peer mobile messaging apps use
geolocation that lead predators directly to
children. Your department can be there
waiting instead.

How It Works

The secret to our success is the very first step in our process.
Your department invites us to conduct the sting in your
jurisdiction. Before moving into the planning and logistics
phases, we MUST have the cooperation of a Prosecutor or
District Attorney to take these cases through the legal system.
Once we have agreements with the law enforcement agency
and with the Prosecutor, we begin selecting a sting house
location. V4CR will provide the "in house" decoys and conduct
the entire investigation.
1. Prosecutor and Department Leadership invites V4CR
to train and conduct a live operation.
2. Department receives SOPS from V4CR and support to
prepare for the operation.
3. V4CR conducts pre-operation planning and training
onsite with LEO staff and Prosecutor.
4. Joint operation and live training is conducted to
identify and arrest online child sexual predators.
5. Evidence, data and footage is received by Prosecutor
and LEO for reports. V4CR Investigator supports
prosecution and trial.

Veterans for Child Rescue conducts sting operations,
nationwide, in cooperation with Law Enforcement
departments, Federal Law Enforcement agencies and
Prosecutors. Our decoys build scenarios, used as live
training exercises for departments, that mimic real life
scenarios in which real children find themselves daily.