Thank you for your interest in volunteering with V4CR!

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Our volunteer team includes Veterans and Civilians with diverse talents and backgrounds. They span generations and culture. The mission of V4CR Volunteers is to establish absolute protection of our children from sex trafficking, pedophiles and online predators.   

V4CR volunteers will:

  1. Teach adults the dangers their children face.
  2. Provide tools for families to use in combating online predators.
  3. Strengthen public opinion that pedophiles destroy the lives of children and families.
  4. Promote adult awareness, responsibility and action. 
  5. Create a non-permissive environment for predators and to create cultural change from complacency to zero tolerance. 

V4CR volunteers perform a variety of functions. We cannot do it alone. It takes passionate people willing to do whatever they can with the skills they possess and the time they have to invest in order to be successful. The strength of our volunteers is a unity of purpose, selfless dedication and the willingness to answer a child’s silent cry for help.

Please note, a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $31 is requested in order to process your background investigation. All V4CR volunteers must undergo a background investigation in order to become a part of our volunteer community.

Your ability to help us with this fee is deeply appreciated and assists us in keeping our costs down as a national non-profit organization. This allows us to move forward with our mission and continue to expand our volunteer programs.

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