Protecting Your Child in the Information Age

ALERT: List of Potentially Dangerous Popular Apps on Your Child’s Phone

Technology has made it very easy for sexual predators to connect with your kids online and through mobile devices. Veterans For Child Rescue works with law enforcement around the United States to identify and interdict those that would exploit the innocence of children and we help put them in jail. We run operations in over 19 popular mobile applications that may represent a threat to your kids. We can’t do this alone though and we need your help to make it harder for sexual predators to prey on your family.

Download this guide now for the most recent list of hazardous popular apps that might be on your child’s phone.

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But My Child is Safe, She’s in Her Room…

Our children may seem physically safer than ever before but do you know who has access to your child through their phone? Luring a child away for a secret meetup is an art for sexual predators who often pretend to be a young friend that connects emotionally with your child. As an adult you would likely see right through this type of deception but for a child looking for approval, a meaningful connection, acceptance or attention these advances are very effective.

You Have The Right To Know.

As a parent you have the right to know everything that’s going on with your child’s life and that includes who is talking to your child through their phone. There are literally hundreds of mobile apps that connect your child to strangers in the world. Many of those applications show the location of your child to potential predators through use of geolocation. The expectation that a child under the age of 18 should have privacy on their phone is FALSE. As parents we are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of our children. If we don’t know who they are engaging with and what those interactions are, then you have no way of helping your child learn to identify danger.

We’ll Update You When Things Change

The challenge of protecting your children in the information age requires familiarity with current apps and sites and it requires that you pay close attention to the signs. You’re not alone in this fight. Our mission is to protect and save children against sexual predators. Our non profit organization works with partners around the world and in communities just like yours to educate children, teens, parents, educators, and health care professionals. As new apps are developed we evaluate them and tell you what you should look for on your child’s phone.