V4CR is committed to supporting families with knowledge and proactive tools to help adults protect the young people in their families and their communities.

Knowing who lives in your community is a first step. Find out if registered sex offenders live in your area.

Federal Scams & Sex Offender Registry

Signs of Trafficking

• They’re not allowed to be alone
• Can’t produce a valid ID
• Wears excessive makeup
• Rarely smiles
• Will not make eye contact
• Appears malnourished
• Always in the company of an older man
• Has excessive cash or expensive things
• Child is always escorted when going anyplace, hotels, rental houses, restaurants
• They state they are older than 18 but look younger
• Discrepancies in reported age and behavior
• Tattoos or brands indicating ownership by a pimp
• Wearing clothing normally seen in the sex industry
• Inappropriately dressed for the climate
• Carrying extra clothes ina large handbag or backpack
• Someone claiming to speak on their behalf
• Exhibits fear, anxiety, submission, depression
• Signs of physical abuse, bruises, cuts, burns
• Seen at places inappropriate for young girls
• Will have numerous inconsistencies in their stories