F.A.S.T. Leaders


*Personal support by Coordinator

As a F.A.S.T. Leader you are the main liaison in your community for Veterans For Child Rescue! This is an awesome responsibility for volunteers ready to stand with us in the fight to end domestic minor sex trafficking. You’ll work directly with our V4CR Volunteer Coordinator to organizing your community, set meetings, coordinate your local V4CR chapter and coordinate local fundraising campaigns to support the cause.

Only one Team Leader per city is selected for this program. As a F.A.S.T. Leader you have direct access to support from our team and you’re invited to exclusive associate only events. If you’re interested in doing more to support the mission these are the responsibilities and benefits of being a Team Leader:

  • Primary coordinator for your City
  • Community outreach and engagement leader
  • Organize your community to fundraise for V4CR
  • Assist with collaborative awareness efforts in your city
  • Distribute educational materials within your community
  • Set up and host meetings in your city/town to bring supporters together
  • Help rally supporters to join the cause and join V4CR at annual events

F.A.S.T. Leaders are held to a higher standard than the average volunteer. We cannot accept anyone with a prior felony. F.A.S.T. applicants may be subject to criminal background checks. F.A.S.T. Leaders must be active in their community and be in good standing among their peers. Verifiable name, address, phone number, and other personal information must be given on the volunteer application. This is private information that will never be shared with anyone outside of our organization, but V4CR employees must be able to contact their volunteers through various outlets. F.A.S.T. Leaders are representatives of V4CR and must maintain the organization’s integrity through their actions and behaviors. This includes personal interactions on social media and in their community. V4CR reserves the right to cancel your participation at any time, without notice.

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