Our Mission

The organization’s primary objectives are to educate and increase public awareness, assist law enforcement and other legal entities to prevent and reduce human and child sex trafficking. ​

V4CR Successful Child Recovery
V4CR Successful Child Recovery

Over the last year Veterans For Child Rescue has made incredible strides in establishing new service partnerships and increasing our...

danger of trafficking routes
V4CR – Making of a Documentary

Sawman and our production crew have just completed a three part multi location filming in several active trafficking corridors throughout...

Reconnaissance Operation on the Border

Reconnaissance Operation on the Border Last week Craig “The Sawman” Sawyer and VIPR TEAM 8 ventured down to the border...


On February 21st 2018, OPERATION BLUE M&M in Paragonah, Utah successfully tacked up seven arrests of child predators who demonstrated...

13 year old decoy confronts child sexual predator during Veterans For Child Rescue pedophile roundup
7 Arrests in Veterans For Child Rescue Joint NGO/LEO Pedophile Sting

For Immediate Release: February 21st, 2018 Parowan, Utah Veterans for Child Rescue and the organization’s covert VIPR TEAM 12 conduct...

VIPR – U.S. Treasury, IRS Criminal Investigator Kevin Millen Arrested On Sex Assault Charges

Veterans For Child Rescue National Operations Ramping Up The world is becoming increasingly connected with smartphones in our pockets and...

Successful V4CR Undercover Sting Operation “Not In My Town” Results in the Arrest of Five Sexual Predators
Successful V4CR Undercover Sting Operation “Not In My Town” Results in the Arrest of Five Sexual Predators

In an undercover investigation and covert operation, "Not In My Town", members of the V4CR “VIPR” team conducted a joint...

CONTRALAND - Netflix Feature-Length Movie Poster - SET of 3
Happy New Year, Everyone!

Welcome to 2018 and thank you all so much for your overwhelming support over the past year and coming into...

Quick Update from Craig “Sawman” Sawyer

Update from Craig "Sawman" Sawyer: Word is getting out thanks to all of you and people in the media that...

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Our 501(c)(3) status has been finalized! As of October 2017, Vets 4 Child Rescue was approved as a federally recognized non-profit organization, eligible for federal tax exemptions. Donations are now tax deductible.